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In 1905, it was that time when a twenty-six-year-old man by the name of Albert Einstein submitted four papers that will shape the whole physics subject into what it is today. These four landmark papers greatly helped how we can explain the things of this world, the nature of different objects, and the relationship between each other. It is through Albert Einstein’s mind that physics has gained an edge and will continually influence other physicists to do extensive work about nature, the universe, and the explanation of why things are. Albert Einstein hugely and positively affected and generated the physics concept not just in his era but in the times ahead.

The four papers of Einstein

The four papers that have gained popularity was created by Albert Einstein. All of them were published in 1905, the same time when he was doing clerical work. All of his work seemed strange at that time. But physics is supposed to be peculiar at first because it is attempting to explain something unexplainable before. You have to study, compute, and research the subjects being discussed to determine of the explanation of why things are is plausible or not. And the theories and principles of Einstein were proven time and time again that they are quite reasonable. But you have to understand that some of his developed papers are still considered theories because they cannot be proven nor disproved.

The topics of these papers include the Heuristic Point of View Concerning the Production and Transformation of Light, the Motion of Small Particles Suspended in Liquids at Rest Required by the Molecular-Kinetic Theory of Heat, the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies, and the Inertia of a Body that is dependent on Its Energy Content.

The World Year of Physics

The World Year of Physics is a celebration of the event wherein Albert Einstein submitted four of his papers in 1905. It was exactly one hundred years ago in 2005 when the World Year of Physics was celebrated. Not only does this event created for Albert Einstein’s works but the World Year of Physics also aimed to promote awareness of physics in our daily lives. People are encouraged to study their environment and attempt to explain things that are going on around us. Children should have discoveries every day and seek knowledge. They should not stop asking questions about everything that happens in the world. The World Year of Physics is a great channel for physicists and scientists to reach out to people, website visitors, and knowledge-seekers and interact with them to give encouragement and support.


Although the World Year of Physics is already completed, the advocacy of sharing knowledge about physics and encouraging people to seek knowledge is and will always be here. People can still use this website to learn more about the environment, the behavior of the universe, and the explanation of why things happen. We have also partnered with online shops like Lazada and Zalora. You can get discounts and other coupon codes on products when you buy books and other items to help you learn.